About me

On stage from 2012,

in my sets you can hear broadly understood house sounds mixed with well-known songs, often enriched in tracks from the 80’s and 90’s.

I like to surprise and have  interaction with the audience, as it is an important element of the performance for me.

So far I’ve played in many clubs in Warsaw, Poland and around the world, including:

Pacha ( Sharm el Sheikh), Hard Rock Cafe ( Sharm el Sheikh), A Little Buddha ( Sharm el Sheikh), La Playa (Warsaw), Remont (Warsaw), Multipub ( Warsaw), Medyk (Warsaw), Toro ( Warsaw), Funky Jim (Warsaw), Maska (Warsaw), Equlibrum (Warsaw), Ferment( Warsaw), San Escobar (Warsaw) and many others.

I have also participated in several music festivals, among others:

Ursynalia 2019 (Warszawa)

Dj’s Day ( Topornia 2014, 2015 ;Radom 2016; Ślesin 2018 )

Henry DJ’s CUP (Henryków Lubański)

I am also a member of DJ UNION – organizations associating the best Polish djs.